Comstock Premier Lodge - Sargent, Nebraska, 68874, United States
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Jason Wynia from South Dakota with his nice Big Horn Cross Texas Dahl

John Bietz with his wife Brenda, Daughter Lacey and future son in law Jason with his nice Bison Bull.

Taylor Betters came in with his dad and got this beautiful Badger.

Michael Betters and his son Taylor got these great turkeys while doing a predator hunt.

Gary Lawrence from Wyoming came in and harvested this nice Bison.

Dan Loren came back after his September Elk hunt and got this huge bison bull.

Toby Haines with his nice Bison.

Paul Rakestraw from Mississippi with his Big Horn Sheep Cross.

John and his Dad, Mike Turzenski from Milwaukee WI. came in for this beautiful Big Horn Cross management Ram.

Harrison Long with his first ever turkey and with his BOW!!!

Not to be out done with  Harrisions Merriam, John took this great Rio also with his bow.

What a great time we had with Joe from Wyoming and harvesting this great Black Hawaiian Big Horn Cross scoring over 27 1/2 inches.

Another great hunt with his friend Steve. 

Jock and Kathy from Montana with there lucky grand kids Ashton, Skyler, Brooklyn and Cameryn all taking a great Big Horn Sheep Cross management ram.

Cameryn with his Corsician Ram.

Brooklyn with her Texas Paint.

Skyler with his Dall.

Ashton with his Dall.

Jeff Miller from Omaha Nebraska with his record book Red Sheep. 

Jeff Miller again with his 27 in. Black Hawaiian. Also hitting the record book. 

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Wow the Comstock Premier Lodge hosting the NWTF and the Jakes Hunt of a lifetime!

What a couple of great Kids and Dads to boot.

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Barry Woods with the NWTF came in to help with the Jakes Hunt of a lifetime and took this beautiful Merriam we nick named the two minute bird.  It took two minutes from when we dropped him off at his blind to bag him.

Blake Jones

Blakes Dad Dwright Jones

Dynamic Outdoors TV Doug and his Crew with 8 Long Beards. One sporting 4 beards.

Joanne and Johnny Jones came in with their Hunt purchased at the NWTF banquet in Nashville and both tagged out .

Johnnys record book bird

Roccos second bird

Roccos Third bird

Roccos huge Ram

Tracy Gollott Pratt

Tsh Hancock

1st Bird

2nd Bird

Don Jones first turkey hunt

3rd Bird

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DOD Custom Calls coming in a leaving with Six nice Birds

Lonnie from Alabama Tagged out.

Andy from Alabama also tagging out

Chris Miller tagging out for the 3rd year in a row at the Comstock Lodge

Allen with his first Ram

Jon Biskie with his Second trip to Comstock Lodge with his beautiful Merriam

Errin Ambers from North Dakota

Dave Ambers huge Ram

Colin Kohlmeyer from Oregon with his over 31 inch Ram

Jim From Colorado with his nice Ram

Peter Rizzo

Coming in for Canada, what a great hunt, and great trophy Armenian

Peter again with a great shooting tagged this beautiful Big Horn Cross Sheep.

  • Victor Tesan

Victor Tesan

Also coming in from Canada, out smarting as he called it the Sheep on crack!!


Victor also with his huge Big Horn cross.

Craig Sauey

This is Craigs second elk taken with us at the Comstock Lodge.  Its going to be hard to top this one. 

Ernest Mijares

Coming in from California with his Big Horn Cross

Stan Gin

Also from California stands pround with his great shooting and beautiful Big Ram.

Tate Meyer

Tate with his tough hunt. Tate is 9 years old but still made a great shot. Coming in for the fun was his dad Ben, his brother William and his Grandpa Warren. 

William Meyer

William after a long seems like 20 mile hunt got his great management ram. 

Cole Vandeyacht

Nice Spaanish Goat

Steve Vandeyacht

Great Big Horn Cross

Cole again

Big Horn Cross

Mike Loveland

Mike came in with his friend Gary Woelzien for this nice Meat Buffalo

Stephan Woodruff

Stephan with dad Alex from Colorada with Stephans first elk.

Our Texas groups third hunt with us with final count of 130 birds in three days!

Great family hunt with Jim, Nancy, and Jay from Minn.

The first Baptist Church from Longview Texas with their second year in a row hunting at the Comstock Lodge.

9 year old Allie and her 6 year old sister Ava took advantage of our donated SCI youth ram and turkey hunt combo

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Pete from Wisconsin with a great combo:

huge elk



Clint from Wisconson with his nice Big Horn Cross Sheep

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Roxanne Huggins

Even an owner of a lodge can have fun also

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Jon Briskie

Even working at the Comstock Lodge has its good days!

Gary Knaack

Donated hunt from the Green Bay Chapter of SCI

Nick and his dad Kirk from Wisconson with a great father and son combo hunt. 

Dave came in with Kirk and Nick for a fun Big Horn Cross hunt

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What a great combo hunt 

and left with three trophies

White Bison Bull 

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with David from TN. came

of a life time!!  Where else

411 class bull elk 

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in with his wife Kimberly

can you get a Blonde

Huge record class Red Sheep  

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Comstock Premier Lodge : A bit of heaven in the Sand Hills!

Our 8500 Sq-ft lodge is a beautifully designed piece of heaven that provides first-class accommodations, comfort and service. The beds and furniture were picked as the number one criterion. All sleeping rooms have a private bath, comfortable beds, in addition to a conference room, locker room, and dining area. After a day afield, relax in our steam room, or enjoy a fine drink next to the fireplace. Take in the beautiful scenery and watch the wildlife roam the many acres of majestic ranchland. There is no other place in America where one can find exceptional quality hunting for the range of species available on our lands, including elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, dove, prairie chicken, sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge, Red Sheep and White Bison. For the truly avid hunter there is additional small game and predator hunting. We do everything possible to provide the highest quality and widest diversity of wildlife and hunting