Comstock Premier Lodge
81785 Road 457
Sargent, Nebraska, 68874, United States

2012 Hunts

  • DSC02629

Richard Skeuse from N.J. with his big bull bison scoring in the top ten in the world with a muzzle loader!

  • DSC_0371

Carl Veaux from Florida,first turkey hunter of the year starts out strong. Three big birds one over 22 lbs. 

  • Jorge Gutierrez

Jorge Gutierrez with one of the three big toms take this first week of the season.

  • Arturo Gutierrez

Arturo Gutierrez with his great Merriam Tom.

  • Jay Link

Jay Link from Wisconson with one of his two big toms taken. 

  • Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson coming in with Jay Link with one of the three toms taken.

  • Scott Stovall
  • Scott Stovall (2)
  • Scott Stovall 2

Scott Stovall from Alabama with his two big birds.

  • Clyde Seeley

Clyde Neeley with his NWTF hunt.

  • Rick Clifton

Rick Clifton from Alabama with one of his beautiful birds.

  • Ken Currie Red sheep
  • Ken Currie turkey

Ken Currie coming back for a beautiful trophy Red Sheep and one of his Big turkeys.


Thanks for making the hunt with the Alabama Turkey Thugs a huge hit. The guys are still chattering about it - we all had a great time. Rick and I are 3/4 toward the grand slam of turkey hunting and I'm sure we'll pursue that prize.

Thanks to Montana Mitch and Lucky Lady Roxanne for being such great hosts, working so hard, and making ANOTHER hunt of a lifetime.

Ken Currie

  • Ron Clifton

Ron Clifton with his nice Merriam.

Montana Mitch--that nick name certainly has a ring to it and puts you in a class with KFC. I just wanted to thank you and Roxanne for a wonderful time and the warm hospitality. Getting my first turkey was a memorable hunt and one I will never forget. It was a classic hunt and you called it exactly how the birds would come in for the shot. It is impressive that you know the terrain so well and have the birds patterned as good as you do. For the record I saw more birds in two days hunting with you than I have seen in my lifetime hunting Alabama. And it was a pleasure hunting with you.

As for the the Comstock Lodge itself, it is very impressive. It is spacious, clean, comfortable and has all the amenities one could want.

I hope to see y'all again soon.

All the best,


One of The Alabama Gang

  • David Jones

David Jones form Alabama with his nice Merriam.

  • Turkey Thugs

The Turkey Thugs from Alabama.

  • Jim Zindl

Jim Zindl from Wisconson with his huge Rio

  • Lowell Levy

Lowell Levy with his beautiful Merriam. Thanks to great guiding by Dan Trawicki

  • Dave Bahl

Text book Merriam for Dave Bahl from Wisconson. 

  • Mark Matthiesen

First on on the left is sharp shooter Mark Matthiesen from Wisconson with his double.  

  • Randy and J.R. Moran
  • Randy Moran
  • J.R. and Randy Moran (2)

Randy Moran from Alabama with his long beards. 

  • J.R. Moran
  • J.R. Moran (2)
  • J.R. and Randy Moran

J.R. Moran from Alabama with his father son hunt.


I would like to sincerely thank you both for making our trip to Nebraska so memorable. Everything was perfect, from the Turkey Hunting to the Peanut Butter Pie. We are counting the days until our next trip.

Your friend,

JR Moran

Specialty Products Sales Manager

  • Chris Miller
  • Chris Miller (2)

Chris Miller returning to the lodge from last year with two beautiful birds.

  • photo

George Thornton CEO with the NWTF with a surprise visit with his huge Merriam. It was a pleasure to have George to our Lodge and we had a great time and hunt. 

  • Bill Van Lieshout

Bill Van Lieshout from Colorado with is true limb hanging bird.

  • DSC03575
  • DSC03570
  • DSC03579

Jon Briskie and his son Jon Foster from WI. both getting there turkeys and Ibex hybreds.

  • DSC_0472
  • IMG_1398

John Pearson with the Green Bay WI  SCI hunt, with his Reo and Meriam.

  • IMG_1409
  • IMG_1414
  • IMG_1404

Matt Marohn owner of Logartistry with his great friends Jason Stein and Matt Kroll from WI

  • DSC03570
  • John

John Briskie and his son Jon coming in and manage to connect with two wild goats. 

  • Mike and Shauna Petzold
  • Shauna Petzold

Mike and Shauna Petzold from Kearney Ne. coming in with Shauna making a great spot  and stock archery Ibex Hybred trophy hunt. 

  • Ed Harding

Ed Harding from Wausaukee Wisconson came in for a management hunt and could not turn down this trophy bull, I don't blame him. Great stalk and shooting made this dream come true. 

  • Dan Poenitsch Elk
  • Dan Poenitsch Skeuk

Dan Poenitsch form Wind Lake WI. 

Nice 6X6 management bull!  Also sporting his trophy skunk.

  • Jason Wynia

Wow Jason Wynia from Tyndall South Dakota came last year and harvested a great management bull.

This year he made another great ace shot to get this once in a lifetime bull. 

  • Gary Kats Elk
  • Gary Kats and Family
  • Rachel Kats

Gary Kats from Hull IA, with his loving family getting this great management bull, with a bonus of his daughter Rachel with her nice Catalina. 

  • George Elk

George Patterson from Princeton KY with his great bull.  

  • Lakota group

Lakota Retrievers had a great time with his dogs and hunters.  

  • Clyde and Mitch with fall turkey

Clyde Neely coming in after a successfull spring hunt to turn down over 200 turkeys before tagging this great bird. 

  • Jef Kats coyote (2)
  • Jef Kats coyote (1)

Jeff Kats from IA. did not let his disability slow him down at all!!   Great elk and coyote Jeff.   

  • Craig Van Den Berg Coyote (2)
  • Craig Van Den Berg Coyote (1)

Craig Van Den Berg from Ia. came in with Jeff Kats and got this huge Catalina and monster coyote.  

  • Alberts white tail

Albert Hocheder came in from Colorado to tag this huge white.

  • Elwoods Mulie (1)

Elwood Feldman from Flowey Branch GA. with his beautiful Muley.   

  • Fred Coppola Buffalo

Fred Coppola from Woodbridge, Ontario Canada with this great bull.

  • Rolando Sheep

Rolando Roti from Kleinburg, Ontario Canada with this beautiful Red Sheep Ram.

  • DSC_0079
  • DSC_0071
  • DSC_1279

Zach Thede came in with his Mom and Dad and got 4 big birds.

  • DSC_1164
  • DSC_0051

Brythe Thede from WI with his family taking this great management bull.

  • DSC_1364

Kathryn Thede with her one of a kind Ibex cross.