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Trophy World Class Red Sheep

The Red Sheep is a hybrid between the Armenian Mouflon and the Transcaspian Urial that occurs naturally in the mountains of northern Iran. Our Red Sheep are large body sheep weighing 150 lbs. or more. They develop large heavy horns and beautiful capes in our Nebraska climate.

Hunt world record class Red Sheep on our private 3,000 acre ranch. Our Red Sheep  run free, you can expect 200 yd or more shots. 

Trophy class Red sheep or Mouflon hunts $4995

Thophy Aoudad hunts

Year around affordable Aoudad hunt -Gun or bow

Fully guided 2 day three night Aoudad hunt. $4500.

Your trophy will be trophy prepared for you taxidermist or we have a local taxidermist.

Trophy Aoudad Hunts!

Trophy Aoudad hunts!
This is a fully guided challenging hunt!
All inclusive lodging and meals 2 days/3 nights