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Places to eat in
Long Beach, California

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We have a little bit of everything here in Long Beach. And everything else is a short drive away!


The Copper Bison Tasting Room is located in the lower level of the 
Comstock Premier Lodge.

Come and enjoy fun and fellowship with your friends. 
We offer
Wines from Nebraska, numerous brands of beer, Spirits & much more!
Non-alcohol drinks are also available!
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Sample " The Herd"! 
Try your choice of 5 different wines ($5), or unlimited samples ($8) of our purely delightful Nebraska wines!
Our wines range from dry reds to dry whites.  But don't forget the fruity sweet wines.  Aromatic and tasteful for every palate!
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Enjoy our beautiful view from the outdoor deck!  Roaming bison are near the tasting room, and elk are straight across the valley.  Simply a sight you must see!
If you love nature and a great view, you will love the Copper Bison Tasting Room!
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Very large TV to enjoy your favorite sports!  No reason at all to miss your favorite game or show!  Cards and games are also available for your enjoyment.  Bring the family!  Of course, proper identification is REQUIRED to drink alcoholic beverages! 
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Large selection of Nebraska Made wines!

Explore and sample our large selection of Nebraska made vinegar!  Super fun item!
And of course, our favorite Copper Bison!
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Trophy Blonde bison
Our Hours do vary so feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Monday - Wednesday upon request.  You must call 308-527-4199 to make a reservation.  Groups are welcome!

Thursday and Friday 5pm to 8pm or later if we're busy

Saturday 5pm - 9pm or later if we're busy

Sunday 2pm to 8pm... unless there's an early game, or whenever the game ends!  

Follow us on Facebook for special times and events

For more information on our tasting room please feel free to email