We work hard to make sure your vacation is a lifelong memory!
Feel free to show your gratitude!

We are often asked how to tip!  Here are some guidelines to help you!

A typical tip for a hunting guide is between 10-20% of your hunt or daily rate total for your hunt. This total amount is normally split between the outfitter and their staff.  This is just a tips guide... tipping your guide is not required, but is very much appreciated. Guides often depend on tips as supplemental income. 
Mitch and Rox are the owners and do most of the guiding.  They work hard to make your hunt a lifelong memory and a success.  They greatly appreciate your gratuities!

Emily is our GEM as you will see!  Please show her how much you appreciate her amazing service by telling her and showing her!  There is a jar by the kitchen, or feel free to hand her a tip in person and express your gratitude!  We feel that the service she gives our guests is Priceless and she deserves a nice tip from you!  

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Emily and guest cooking in the kitchen